Vinyasa/Flow Yoga


The yoga we practice is Vinyasa/flow yoga. A dynamic flowing style that aligns movement with breath in smooth transitions to strengthen and lengthen muscle, decrease joint pain and increase energy.

The flow and ritual of the Vinyasa practice is special. Dropping into the rhythm of the class gives the mind a chance to take a back seat allowing a "moving meditation" to reduce stress.

Mat Pilates


Our Mat Pilates is the blend of strength and flexibility training to improve posture, reduce stress and create long, lean muscles without bulking up.

There is an emphasis on creating a strong core, improving stability, coordination and balance. 

Pilates will improve flexibility build strength and develop control and endurance throughout the body.


Feel like you’re on a treadmill that never stops and have no time just for you?


Or hear everyone talk about Yoga & Pilates, know you should be doing it, but have no idea where to start?


Cathryn has over 20 years experience with endless amounts of knowledge, motivation and inspiration.


Come & join our fun, friendly & supportive community. Beginners welcome



Dee Why Surf Life Saving Club

Dee Why NSW

Enter the Surf Club from the car park side. Class is upstairs in the north room.

Doors are open with a 180 degree ocean view.


Dee Why Surf Lifesaving Club

Dee Why NSW 2099


Tel: 0416 350 742

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